Pastor Terry Appreciation & Goodbyes

Pastor Terry and Sandi Smith have been at Jerusalem Baptist Church for almost 20 years! Since they have come, there have been lots of changes:
  • Three International Fellowships
  • Building Renovations
  • Children’s Programs Started
  • Mission Trips All Over the World
  • Lives Changed
As we contemplate JBC’s walk with God through these changes, we want to say thank you to the pastor who shepherded us thought them.

Comment below to leave your thoughts and good wishes for Pastor Terry & Sandi as they open a new door to Missouri!

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  1. Lydia Hart says:

    Dear Pastor Terry and Sandi,

    As a drifter between three churches, and it seems to take three to meet my needs, I don’t have the same history of stories to recount about our times shared together over the years, but I have a few fond memories of the people and the items that have come across my path here at Jerusalem Baptist Church.

    Wilma Huff: She taught a ladies Sunday morning Bible study. When Michele and I first visited the church the class was held upstairs and later moved to a room downstairs. The ladies in this class were a bit older than Michele and I but we were welcomed with open arms and feed muffins and homemade breads and encouraged to take part in reading sections of the lesson out loud. I actually knew Wilma from our banking days at National Bank of Fairfax where we both worked in the Operations Center in the shopping center across from Woodson High School.

    Church Pews: with their red back and seat cushions. Michele liked the back cushion on the pews for the pews at Calvary Hill Baptist Church only had seat cushions.

    Note Keeping Papers: the ones inside the bulletin that kept me focused on the sermon when from time to time my mind began to wonder.

    Chris Borders: my nephew and a reason that Michele and I would visit from time to time. Don’t get me wrong, I felt welcomed at this church but not sure if I would have visited if Chris had not been here.

    Sandi Smith: you are such a pretty lady, sitting in the auditorium on the right-hand side towards the front, enjoying the music, and showing your support for your husband, your church, and our God.

    Pastor Terry: such friendly vibes from you and your great, big grin! I always felt that you were genuinely glad to see me –and Michele, and now my mom. Your sermons are filled with facts and explanation and illustrations that have aided me in understanding the true meaning of the passage of scripture at hand. I can’t think of any embarrassing moments, just the love and joy for God’s Word that was always on display.

    Funny the things that stand out in a person’s mind.

    I will continue to uplift you both in my prayers and I look forward to hearing about all that is to come as you journey in places outside of Fairfax Station, Virginia.

    Love in Christ,
    Lydia Hart
    4616 Forest Hill Drive
    Fairfax, VA 22030
    (703) 489-4107

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