What should I expect on a Sunday morning?10pxX10px

1. How long should I expect the Worship Service to last?

Our worship service lasts from 10:45 am to about 12:10 pm.10pxX10px

2. What does the service sound like?10pxX10px

Our worship is a blend of primarily contemporary worship songs while deeply valuing hymns. We have a praise team that includes guitars, piano, keyboard, and drums. 10pxX10px

3. What should I wear?10pxX10px

Come as you are!
• Some men come in coats and ties and some in polo shirts and khakis.10pxX10px10pxX10px
• Ladies come in casual dresses or pants.10pxX10px

• Children and youth tend to dress comfortably — jeans, leggings, causal dresses with tights.10pxX10px

4. What about kids during the service?10pxX10px

• Children under the age of 5 are welcome in the nursery / childcare located on the10pxX10px
first floor in the children’s area.

• Because we feel it is important for children to worship with their parents and10pxX10px
learn from their parent’s example, we encourage children 5 years old and older to participate in the service. We have “Kid Kases” with coloring pages, crayons, etc., to help kids as they learn to worship with their parents.

5. Is there Sunday morning Bible study (Sunday School)?10pxX10px

Absolutely! We provide Sunday morning Bible study for all ages from 9:30 am – 10:30 am. Check out what classes are being offered on the Sunday Morning Bible Study page.
• Infant and toddler (birth through preschool) care is offered on the first floor in10pxX10px
the children’s area.
• Elementary children, middle school youth, high-school youth, and adult classes10pxX10px
are located on the second floor in the education area.  We also offer coffee, tea, and hot chocolate in the education area. 
• Adult classes are open to all ages.10pxX10px