JBC Small Groups: Resources

Resources for You 

Want to be a group leader? Email here.
Small Group Leader’s Manual
Read through our leader manual to see what type of group suits you best. 
Weekly Discussion Guides 
Read the weekly discussion guides based on the previous weeks’ sermon.
As a group we can learn and process what we have heard and apply it to our own lives. 
APR 7 | Find it HERE
MAR 31 | Find it HERE
MAR 24 | Find it HERE
MAR 17 | Find it HERE
Have questions? Please email smallgroups@jerusalembaptist.com
Our mission as a church is simple: Love God. Make Him Known.

Our vision is to become mature Christians who love God, all peoples, and the church. We also seek to make Jesus Christ known where we live, work, and play, one life at a time.
Our values include Christ-exalting worship and expository preaching, Life-changing Bible study, discipleship, and dependent prayer, Love for all peoples, Spirit-gifted service and Life on mission.
Our discipleship pathway: 
Come to the gathered church for Christ-exalting worship.
Grow with the family of God through expository preaching, life-changing Bible study, discipleship, and dependent prayer.
Serve using your spiritual gifts in church ministries and in the community to love God, all peoples, and the church.
Go and live on mission to make Jesus known in everyday life.