August 2, 2020

Scripture Reading • Matthew 7:24–27


~ Suggested Prayer ~

Father, thank you for another day. Father, use your word today in our lives to wake us up to what really matters. We pray today for those among us who are hurting____. We pray for those who do not know Jesus ______. We pray for ourselves and those among us who are struggling with besetting sin ______. Father, we pray for those in authority, that they would be granted wisdom to lead in accordance with Your Kingdom values. Father, we pray that you would use your word to deepen our love for Christ, and that You would use it to conform us to His likeness. We pray this in His name.

~ Worship Suggestion ~



from Jonathan Parker, Senior Pastor of Jerusalem Baptist Church

Tragedy of Indifference

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~ Offering ~

Weekly offerings may be given ONLINE or by TEXTING an amount to 703.721.4466.
You also may mail checks to the church office at Jerusalem Baptist Church •  5424 Ox Road • Fairfax Station, VA 22039.
**Special Note: If you or a loved one has a benevolence need, please let us know. If you would like to contribute above and beyond your regular giving to our benevolence fund, please indicate that amount when you give.


Join a Sunday-Morning, Online Bible Study • ZOOM

  • Don’t be a stranger — you can still get involved online in a small group on Sunday mornings: 
  • YOUTH BIBLE STUDY • 9:30 am • Contact Elias Zarour for link or phone number
  • GOSPEL PROJECT • 9:30am • Contact Matt Andrews for link or phone number
  • TIMOTHY • 9am • Contact Rob Tozier for link or phone number
  • THE CROSS BY JOHN STOTT • 9:30am • Contact Sam Yu for link or phone number

Online Prayer Gathering • Wednesdays • 7pm

Join us as we gather online to pray on Wednesdays at 7pm.

  • PHONE: To attend prayer meeting by phone
    • Call 301.715.8592
    • Enter Meeting ID: 147 006 746
    • Press #
  • COMPUTER • TABLET • SMARTPHONE: To attend by video
Options: Pray as a family. If you are not able (or prefer not) to meet online, please pray with us at the 7pm hour. Provide prayer or benevolence requests. If you have prayer requests, please don’t hesitate to contact the church office.


Request Prayer Online Anytime

At JBC, we take prayer seriously. If you have prayer request, day or night, make it known to us online, and we will pray for your concern ASAP. If it is personal, there is an option to keep it private (among pastors only).

JBC’s Mothers’ Day Out Preschool Is Now Hiring

JBC’s Mothers’ Day Out Preschool is a great place to work with caring women who children and love Jesus. We are hiring teachers for the upcoming 2020-2021 school year for the following positions: 
  • Pre-K Koalas Assistant Teacher (students ages 4–5) •  Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs • HOURS: 8:30–1:30 • $9 per hour
  • Bunnies Assistant Teacher (students ages 2 turning 3 ) • Mon, Tues, Wed,  Thurs •  8:30–1:30 • $9 per hour
  • Enrichment Teacher (all ages) • Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs • 8:30–1:30 pm • $10 per hour
  • Substitute Teachers • $9 per hour
For more information or to apply, contact our Mothers’ Day Out Director, Monique Burgos.