Nehemiah: A Heart that Can Break
Friday Mornings • 10am

Nehemiah had to have a heart that could break so he could restore a wall that was broken. In this 7 session Bible study for women, Nehemiah’s heart for the oppressed, suffering and poor is a beacon whose light shines on the current call of the church to be the hands and feet of Jesus. This study also addresses teamwork, integrity, generosity, truth in culture, God’s compassion, and much more.
Like Kelly’s other studies in the Living Room Series, you’ll find authentic Bible teaching, recipes, and a relational approach. Setting Nehemiah apart from Kelly’s first two studies, Nehemiah also includes 7 video sessions and compelling interviews that will help you put feet to your faith (see DVD kit). Discover what God has put in your heart to do through the study of His Word, and let God break your heart for the lost and hurting, because a breaking heart is often what God uses to restore the broken.

Join us for prayer at 9am (right before Bible study)

Come to prayer meeting before the Bible study as we pray for our families, our churches, and our country.

From the Author 

I grew up in Northern, Virginia, which is an important distinction because it means D.C. Metro, traffic and politics more than the Blue Ridge Mountains. I feel at home in the city but I love a good cabin. I moved to the South in my twenties to pursue a career in music where I got used to a slower pace and to biscuits. I signed a Nashville record deal and was whisked to the heights of happiness and fulfillment and fame. Not at all.

Three records later—that never quite got off the ground enough for me to actually do things like keep the electricity on or eat—I tried my hand at writing a book. As far as pesky little things like sales are concerned, this did about as well as the music. But I learned a lot about writing and also about the idols I was trusting for worth and meaning. I had a bunch of those ‘cracked cisterns’ in my heart as mentioned in Jeremiah. The kind that don’t hold water. I was looking to people, career paths and notoriety to fill me, but whatever splashed into my bucket only leaked out. Maybe you can relate?

Before my move to Nashville, I grew up the oldest of four. My parents started a church the year before I was born, so I had the great privilege of growing up a pastor’s kid—in my case, it really was a privilege. Both my parents have genuine relationships with Jesus, and though our family didn’t always get it right, we mostly got it real. As a child I struggled with acute anxiety and waves of depression before I or the people around me had much language or help for such things. The Word of God became my balm. This is one of the reasons I love the Bible so much.

Today I spend my days studying and teaching the Word of God—the very words that have changed my life. I also get to sing and write music, which is such a bonus. Other joys include teaching a Bible Study in my home—and serving coffee to the girls in weighty diner mugs (the younger generation must understand this gift). I adore community, which naturally means I’m zealous for all things food, cooking and gardening. I’ve adapted the southern love of college football. I am an ecstatic aunt of five nieces and nephews who say things like, “You’re the best Kelly ever”, even when I don’t feel like it. In all things, I delight in the person of Jesus in whom is found the only redemption this world has ever known. My joy is to know Him, talk about Him and teach the Word that is all about Him.