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Being on Mission with Jesus

At Jerusalem Baptist Church, we take Jesus’ command to “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations … ” (Matthew 28:19) seriously. In 2017, we went to Lebanon, Paraguay, and Thailand. These trips involved helping to build a house of worship (Paraguay), teaching English (Thailand and Lebanon), and teaching children about God through singing and playing games.

Mission Trips in 2018

We have several mission trips coming in 2018. If you are passionate about sharing the Gospel to all the nations, contact the Church Office for more information

  • Lebanon — June 15–23
  • Thailand — July 5–16
  • Boston — tbd
Mission Fundraising
We have several mission fundraisers planned. Please, join us in praying and supporting those who will go. If you would like to donate to mission trips, use the form below:

Paraguay 2017

Lebanon 2017

Thailand 2016