Adult Discipleship • Wednesdays, Starting March 22 • 6:30 –8:00 pm

Unity in Diversity • Led by Sam Yu


   It is vital for the children of God, to understand the unity in diversity. If we understand it as God has intended, then this knowledge will guide us to an abundant life in Christ Jesus. We are called to pursue and know God, but unless we understand the unity in diversity, we will not know fully what God has revealed in the Scripture about Himself.

     Our Father in heaven is one God in three persons. He is the living example of the unity in diversity. The triune relationship of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit manifests before us the ultimate beauty of relationship. It is never in conflict of purpose, never jealous over other’s position, never prideful but eternally sharing the love: one in three persons, complementing one another in perfect harmony.
     A right understanding of unity in diversity will enable us to live right as the image bearer of God in all our relationships, at church, at home, at work and wherever we are.